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Our Prime Purpose in this life is to help other, and if you can not help them and least do not hurt them.

We are only species with the power to destroy the earth and also the copacity to protect it.
When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know, but if you listen you may learn something new.
What is Love? Love is the absence of Judgement.
There is no need to temples,no need for complicated philosophies, my brain and my heart are my temples: My philosophy is Kindness..
 True change is within, leave the outside as it is.
The ultimate source of a happy life is warn-heatedness, this means extending to other that kind of cocern we have for ourselves.

Your job is not to judge, your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. your job is to lift the fallen to restore the broken and heal the hurting.
 My daily conduct is usually driven by the motivation to help to create a positive atmosphere for other.
 Happiness is not something ready made it come from your own action.
 Generoshy is the most natural outward expression of an attitude of compassion and loving Kindness.
There are only two day in the year that nothing can be done, one is called yesterday and the other is tomorrow, so today is the right day to love believe, do and mostly live.
Once a year go some place you've never been before.

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Home Improvement


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Hi there! I'm a home improvement expert with over 25 years of experience. I specialise in improvement, remodeling, replacement, repair and house minding.


Awareness Counselling & Private Tutoring

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I provide a warm, non-judgemental, empathetic and confidential counselling service. My service exists to help you live an easier and more present life. You can trust me to supply you with the best service, as well as top quality learning experience.


Love & serve all humanity.​

Assist everyone.

Recognize God and goodness in every face.

Think with your own head. Be yourself.

Let your life be that of the rose. In silence, it speaks the language of fragrance.